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Designed by legendary Japanese Surfboard Shaper YU Yoshinori Ueda to suit quick and explosive surfing. The YU has a wide base providing drive off the bottom with a highly refined fin tip and smaller centre fin for rapid release off the top and a nice fin rake for arcing carves when put on rail. Manufactured using Shapers Carbon Stealth ensuring an ultra light-weight fin that delivers additional acceleration and overall control. An ideal template for performance surfing in punchy waves for those in the small to medium weight category (55-75kgs).

Compatible with FCSI Fin Systems

Fin Characteristics



MEDIUM: 60 - 80kgs / 130 - 175lbs

Side Base: 102mm / 4.04” 
Side Depth: 114.5mm / 4.51” 
Side Sweep: 32 Degrees 
Side Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology)

Quad Base: 82mm / 3.23”
Quad Depth: 95.5mm / 3.76”
Quad Sweep: 31 Degrees 
Quad Foil: 32 Degrees

Fin Colour

Carbon & Black NetFlex with Red Colour Print


STEALTH SERIES: Engineered with carbon fibre through the leading edge whilst keeping the fin tip free to flex (load up). respond, and whipping out of turns. A rotational flex pattern that feels very lively and progressive, helping to generate speed! A popular construction that responds to the way they are surfed.

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Width: 30.00
Height: 15.00
Depth: 3.00

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