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The AP03 is our Asher Pacey Signature Model, designed for medium to large surfers who demand speed, tighter/vertical turns and fin release. Recommended for beach breaks where quicker, pivotal turns are beneficial and also for larger surfers wanting to loosen up their surfboard. The AP Series benefits from Shapers Carbon Flare Technology that loads up energy through a precision carbon base and then releases it with acceleration out of turns.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems




Carbon Base, Bamboo Centre & Black Pattern Print


Size: EXTRA-LARGE: 95Kgs Plus / 210lbs Plus
Side Fins
Side Base: 120mm | 4.72"
Side Depth: 133mm / 5.25"
Side Sweep: 32 degrees
Side Foil: Inner Foil Tech
Rear Fins
Rear Base: 120mm | 4.72"
Rear Depth: 133mm / 5.25"
Rear Sweep: 32 degrees
Rear Foil: 50/50
Quad Fins
Quad Base: 100mm | 3.93"
Quad Depth: 110mm | 4.33"
Quad Sweep: 33 Degree
Quad Foil: 80/20


This construction offers increased drive and hold over the Corelite series, achieved through a precision carbon fibre base. Overall, an ultra-light weight fin with a controlled flex pattern well-suited for a broad range of surfers and surf conditions.

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Width: 15.00
Height: 15.00
Depth: 2.00

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