Soli Bailey for GQ

Shapers Surf team rider Soli Bailey sat down for an interesting interview with GQ Australia.  

Fresh out of Byron Bay, Soli Bailey is taking the surfing world by storm. The 21-year-old Indigenous surfer entered the professional circuit in 2014, and has since enjoyed meteoric success, achieving a current WQS rank of 21.

Born Solomon Storm Bailey, Soli rode his first wave when he was just three years old. Since then, the extent of his potential has been unmistakable, securing wins at the Bells Beach Pro Junior, Tahiti Pro Junior and crowned Australasian Pro Junior Champion – to name just a few.

In February of this year, Soli experienced the biggest win of his professional career to date, taking out current and past world number ones Kelly Slater and John John Florence at the Volcom Pipe Pro in Hawaii.

Being relatively unknown (until now), Soli’s triumph sent shockwaves through the industry. Now, the spotlight has very firmly turned his way, with the world keen to see what this Aussie prodigy will do next.

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