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The AP5.79” Twin Fin sets are inspired by Asher Pacey’s stylish and progressive Twin Fin surfing. The AP Twin Fins redefine the traditional approach to flat and lateral twin fin surfing, bridging the gap between Twin Fins and Thrusters. The AP Twin Fins are designed to provide maximum drive, speed and hold through turns whilst maintaining a lively, free flowing ride that is iconic to twin fin surfing.

The AP’s come with an optional trailer fin which adds additional drive, stability and maneuverability (ideal for larger waves or vertical surfing). The AP templates have a medium flex pattern with a unique fin tip that allows the AP’s to load up and spring out of turns with speed and momentum.

Compatible with FCS Fin Systems


Base: 131mm | 5.15"
Depth: 147mm | 5.79"

Base: 85mm | 3.34"
Depth: 86mm | 3.41"

Fin Colour

Grey and White Pattern with Black Print


ECO TECH SERIES:: The EcoTech construction combines the use of Bio Epoxy Resin and Renewable Cork to provide a medium flex pattern that offers a free feeling ride that createS a fast, quick turning fin that is perfect for point breaks and everyday beach breaks.

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Width: 15.00
Height: 15.00
Depth: 2.00
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Drive with Pivot Power

Such a surprise to have the down the line drive I was looking for out of my bottom turns combined with incredibly free, tight, turning arcs. With this fin you no longer need to manage that trade off between maximising drive at the expense of pivot power. This fin gives you heaps of both. For anyone 105-110kgs plus, I seriously suggest you consider these as front fins in a quad set-up. Dont be afraid to try a bit more fin than usual as your trailers. The 5.79" depth of the Asher Pacey twin fins provides an extremely well defined pivot point, even with larger than average trailers, letting you enjoy even more speed down the line and generation of significant drive through turns - even cutties way out on the flat. I use Large Carbon Stealth fins as my trailers and my board performs fantastically. If surfing fast and loose is what you are looking for, then I'd highly recommend the AP5.79”.