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The 4.64" Performance Box Thruster is a high performance fin set that is a well balanced for all conditions, the outline has a slightly more upright shape to give the board a more responsive feel with plenty of drive and control. Perfect progressive longboarders or SUP riders.

Optional Side Fin Combinations:

4.52" Box Fin + 4.57" Side Fin: This setup will provide a fast turning and lower stability 

4.52" Box Fin + 4.64" Side Fin: This setup will provide a fast turning and medium stability

4.52" Box Fin + 5.25" Side Fin: This setup will deliver a lot of drive, smaller centre fin reduces drag and allows for quick fin release and medium stability

Compatible with Box Fin System 

Compatible with FCS Style Fin Systems: FCS ll | X-2 | Fusion


Box Fin: Blue, Black and Carbon Base | Side Fins: Black and Carbon Base


4.52 Box Fin
Base: 113mm | 4.44"
Depth: 115mm | 4.52"
4.57"  Performance Side
Base: 110mm | 4.33"
Depth: 116mm | 4.57"
4.64"  Performance Side
Base: 116mm | 4.57"
Depth: 118mm | 4.64"
5.25"  Performance Side
Base: 120mm | 4.72"
Depth: 133mm | 5.25"
Current Stock:
Width: 30.00
Height: 22.00
Depth: 4.00
SKU: F-4.64-BTH

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